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      I invite you to take a look at the paintings on these pages. My ideas come from the natural world but I do not attempt to copy nature. I like to find the essence of things and reduce them to their simplest form.  I strive to create strong design and composition to draw the viewer into the painting. 


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This painting is titled "Lift Off" because the basic design seems to imply a great movement upward. It is painted with Acrylic on canvas, 36 x 36"

 Plein Air painting trip to Moab, UT


 Moab Canyon  Oil  11x14"                    Cliffs of Utah  Oil   11 x 1414"                      


   Canyonlands   Oil     11x14"              Big Bend     Oil 11 x 14"       

Music Series ........

Brilliante     Acrylic    12 x 12"

Crescendo           Acrylic           12 x 12"

Pompaso       Acrylic           12 x 12"

River Music       Acrylic          12 x 12"

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Reproductions of some of these paintings may be purchased at Fine Art America


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